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Coronavirus infections in India and the reinforcement of travel restrictions on the European economy

The European stocks have reached their worst daily loss far this year and that’s due to the high cases of corona in India and other factors.

In compared with other:

  1. Germany: 0.5% higher

  2. France: rose to 0.6%

  3. UK: gained 0.5%

The European went up for 0.6% after dropping almost 2% on Tuesday.

It’s a very quiet day in the economic European calendar today due to the Eurozone.The majors will continue to be at the mercy of geopolitics and COVID-19 news updates due to a lack of statistics.

Meanwhile, UK inflation grew 0.7% compared to the last year which is less than the 0.8% forecast that indicate that the bank of England is under no immediate pressure.

Finally, let’s not forget about the sudden build in U.S crude oil supplies weighed on their price that is wiping out some of the year’s gains.

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