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Title: Cybersecurity Companies Are Making Millions From Hacks

Aug 23, 2022 06:32AM Et

By: AnalysisWatch

The rise of exploits against cryptocurrency platforms and the millions of dollars in lost funds they cause have triggered the work of these companies.

Cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and blockchain bridges are investing a fortune to protect their sites from these hackers, including hacks sent by North Korea.

The tragedy of some has become the blessing of others in the cryptocurrency space this year. The rise in cybercrime related to the cryptocurrency industry has fueled the work of companies to assess and provide security for cryptocurrency trading companies.

Attacks sponsored by North Korea's army of hackers and other criminals against Western cryptocurrency platforms have led to a significant increase in demand for cyber security services.

Companies that assess the vulnerabilities of cryptocurrency platforms and provide cyber security have been busy these days. The volume of their business has increased exponentially. While other companies are laying off employees, security companies are hiring hundreds of technicians.

An increase in service fees

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