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Title: Digital Asset Investment Inflows Hit $394M, Research Shows

Jul 27, 2022 04:00AM ET

By: AnalysisWatch

CoinShare's latest newsletter states that the total inflow of funds into digital asset investment products last week was $30 million.

Last week, bitcoin EFTs totaled $19 million, with the previous week's inflow adjusted to $206 million.

Most inflows were from Switzerland, up to $16 million, with minor inflows from the US and Germany, but they were below $15 million.

The survey shows that total inflows into digital asset investment products last week were $30 million. In contrast, the late reporting of the previous week's deals saw inflows adjusted from $12 million to $343 million, marking the most significant one-week inflow since last November.

CoinShare Group, a digital asset broker, reported these figures in its latest newsletter, published on July 26, 2022.

This weekly publication is a brief overview covering inflows and outflows of investments in popular exchange-traded products, mutual funds, and OTC trusts, referencing bitcoin, ethereum, and other digital assets.

According to the report, exchange-traded fund inflows for BTC totaled $19 million last week, with the previous week's inflow adjusted to $206 million, the largest one-week inflow since May this year.

The ETF for Ethereum, on the other hand, witnessed inflows of $8 million, versus $120 million in the previous week's data. These inflows mark the most significant one-week inflows since June 2021.

Bitcoin ETFs are pools of bitcoin-related assets that trade on traditional exchanges. This is similar to cryptocurrency futures contracts, where retail investors uncomfortable with investing in cryptocurrencies can access them without actually owning them.

With the latest data, month-to-date inflows of digital assets total $394 million and total assets under management are back to $30 billion as of early June 2022.

The report also noted that the largest inflows were from Switzerland, up $16 million, with inflows totaling $35 million seen in the previous week.

This brings year-to-date inflows to $577 million, making Switzerland a preferred location for investors in digital assets. However, minor inflows came from the US and Germany, but were below USD 15 million.

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