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Title: Japan stocks higher at close of trade; Nikkei 225 up 2.62%

Aug 12, 2022 03:35AM ET

By: AnalysisWatch

Japanese stocks rose after the close on Friday, with gains in the energy, chemicals, oil, plastics and shipbuilding sectors driving shares higher.

The Nikkei 225 closed up 2.62 percent to a new six-month high at the Tokyo bourse.

The best performer during the session was the Nikkei 225 index, which rose 8.88%, or 425.00 points, and was trading at 5,210.00 points at the close of the session. Meanwhile, Nippon Express Co., Ltd. rose 8.15% or 620.00 points to close at 8,230.00 and Rakuten Inc. rose 7.90% or 53.00 points to close at 724.00.

The worst performers during the session were Oki Electric Industry Co. Ltd., which dropped 5.51% or 44.00 points to close at 754.00 points. DeNA Co. declined 3.88% or 74.00 points to close at 1,834.00 and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. fell 2.72% or 74.00 points to close at 2,648.00.

On the Tokyo Stock Exchange, appreciating shares outnumbered depreciating ones by a margin of 2,826 to 761, with 212 remaining unchanged.

The Nikkei Volatility Index, which measures the implied volatility of Nikkei 225 options, increased 5.60 percent to 20.18 points.

September crude oil rose 0.05 percent, or $0.05, to $94.39 per barrel. Brent crude for October delivery rose 0.24 percent, or $0.24 per barrel, while the December gold futures contract fell 0.08 percent, or $1.40, to trade at $1,805.80 per ounce.

The US dollar to yen exchange rate rose 0.28% to 133.38 points and the euro to yen exchange rate rose 0.15% to 137.42 points.

Futures on the US dollar index rose 0.14% to 105.14 points

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