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Title: UK consumer activity slowed in mid-June – ONS

Jun 30, 2022 04:57AM ET

By: AnalysisWatch

British consumers' activity slowed in mid-June as they visited fewer restaurants, used less public transport and spent slightly less on credit and debit cards, according to Office for National Statistics data compiled on Thursday.

Credit and debit card spending, based on the Bank of England's CHAPS interbank payments data, which is not adjusted for inflation or the time of year, fell to 99% of the February 2020 average in the week to June 23, from 100% in the previous week.

Restaurant bookings from reservations website Open Table fell 16 percentage points to 111% of the average for the same period in 2019, and Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Mobility data showed a 6% drop in visits to "transit locations" in the week to June 24.

Rail worker unions held large-scale strikes on June 21, 23, and 25.

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