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Title: 3 Cryptocurrencies to Put Up On Your Watchlist

Jun 24, 2022 03:30AM ET

By: AnalysisWatch

Ever since the crypto industry has evolved, new and novel crypto projects have been launched to revolutionize this area of decentralization using blockchain technology. But no market remains stagnant or green forever. Be it stocks, forex, or the crypto market itself.

The recent crash in the crypto market has hit almost every crypto investor, be it a retailer, an institution, or an investment firm. As of now, huge whales like Tesla Inc. and Micro Strategy, which held thousands upon thousands of Bitcoins (BTC), have suffered a loss of millions. In fact, Micro Strategy, which holds more than 1 million 29 thousand Bitcoins (BTC), has an unrealized loss of $1 billion after the 2022 crypto market crash. Even the best performing cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH), eCash (XEC), Solana (SOL), Nexo (NEXO), TRON (TRX), etc. have hit their all-time lows.

Contributing factors include the global recession; the Russia-Ukraine war; high inflation in the U.S.; and more. If the world does not come out of this crisis caused by the global pandemic, all markets, including cryptocurrencies, will experience this downward trend.

In this bearish market, smart investors are going all in to secure massive profits from cheap coins (in this market) once the market shows a green run again.

In such a market, a new type of crypto project, Logarithmic Finance (LOG), is waiting in the wings, offering its early investors a great opportunity to secure their places in the green market in the coming future.

Let's take a closer look at the highlighted cryptocurrencies to see what's unique about each.

About eCash (XEC) and its low price.

eCash (XEC) was developed by Amaury Sechet, the lead developer of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and is the rebranded identity of its predecessor, Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA). The coin has a price in multiple decimal places on the basis of the idea of its developer to keep the adoption of the coin more effective.

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