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Title: Ethereum Vs Shiba Inu: Which Cryptocurrency Is the Best Buy

Jul 15, 2022 03:30AM ET

By: AnalysisWatch

Following the release of the US CPI data, Eterium and Shiba Inu are on the road to recovery.

As the merger approaches, the Etherium community is embroiled in a debate over whether ETH is a "security."

In a bear market scenario, Eterium and Shiba Inu are at risk of further decline.

Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, slammed the criticism and said the argument of proof-of-stake proponents that voting on protocol parameters makes ETH secure is false.

Nodes reject invalid blocks in both PoW and PoS.

The debate over whether Ethereum is secure has raged on cryptographic Twitter once again, weeks before Merge-Ethereum's switch from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake.

Nick Payton, a bitcoiner on Twitter, argued that Ethereum users had voted to change the asset's properties and the transition to proof of stake was proof that the altcoin was "secure."

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