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Title: GBP/USD slips below 1.4100 mark, fresh session lows

Jun 15, 2021 8:57:34 AM GM

By: AnalysisWatch

  • COVID-19/Brexit woes did not help GBP/USD to capitalize on its modest intraday gains.

  • A softer tone surrounding the USD, upbeat UK jobs record additionally did little to electrify bulls.

  • Weakness beneath the in a single day swing lows will set the degree for a check of the 1.4000 mark.

The GBP/USD pair retreated round 35 pips from the early European consultation highs and refreshed every day lows, beneath the 1.4100 mark the ultimate hour.

The pair struggled to capitalize on its intraday advantageous move, as an alternative met with a few sparkling deliver close to the 1.4130 area and become compelled with the aid of using a mixture of factors. The UK government's choice to postpone the very last degree of easing lockdown measures acted as a headwind for the British pound. In fact, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson driven again the timeline to cease regulations absolutely to July 19 from June 21.

The cutting-edge tendencies hose down potentialities for a fast UK monetary healing from the pandemic amid the unfold of the so-referred to as Delta variant. Apart from this, worries approximately the EU-UK stand-off at the Northern Ireland protocol in addition undermined the British pound and capped any significant upside for the GBP/USD pair.

On the alternative hand, a sparkling leg down the US Treasury bond yields stored the United States greenback bulls at the defensive, though did little to lend any help to the GBP/USD pair. That said, expectancies of a barely much less dovish Fed have to keep investors to region any competitive bearish bets across the USD in advance of the FOMC choice on Wednesday.

The essential backdrop helps potentialities for in addition weakness. However, it'd nevertheless be prudent to look ahead to a few follow-via promoting beneath the in a single day swing lows, across the 1.4070 area earlier than confirming the bearish bias. The GBP/USD pair would possibly then boost up the slide in the direction of difficult the important thing 1.4000 mental mark.

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