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Title: German unemployment rises in June as Ukrainian refugees look for work

Jun 30, 2022 04:45AM ET

By: AnalysisWatch

Labour office numbers show that severance in Germany rose in June as Ukrainian deportees began registering with the office in search of work.

The Federal Labour Office said the number of people out of work rose by 4,000 on a seasonally adjusted basis to 2.417 million.

Judges polled by Reuters had anticipated an average drop of 2,000.

The seasonally adjusted severance rate rose to 5.3.

"The labour request remains astronomically stable," said labor office head Detlef Scheele. Although the severance rate rose explosively in June, he said, "This increase is due to the fact that Ukrainian deportees are now registering with the labour services and are therefore visible in the labour request statistics."

Almost 20,000 Ukrainian deportees have been registered in Germany so far, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said late last month.

The actual number of Ukrainian deportees in Germany is believed to be much higher.

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