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Title: India stocks higher at close of trade; Nifty 50 up 0.94%

12/21/2021 05:45 AM ET

By: AnalysisWatch

India's stocks were higher later on Tuesday, as gains in the metals, consumer durables, and innovation areas drove shares higher.

On the nearby NSE, the Nifty 50 rose 0.94%, while the BSE Sensex 30 list added 0.89%.

HCL Technologies Ltd (NS: HCLT) was the best performer on the Nifty 50, rising 3.89%, or 45.10 points, to trade at 1205.00 at the close. In the interim, Wipro Ltd. (NS: WIPR) added 3.73%, or 24.85 focuses, to end at 690.80 and UPL Ltd. (NS: UPLL) was up 3.58%, or 25.35 focuses, to 733.65 in late exchange.

Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (NS: PGRD) was the meeting's most exceedingly terrible entertainer, falling 1.55% or 3.25 focuses to close at 206.60.AXIS Bank Ltd (NS: AXBK) declined 1.26%, or 8.50 points, to end at 665.85, and Bajaj Finance Ltd (NS: BJFN) was down 0.85%, or 56.60 points, to 6577.55.

The top performers on the BSE Sensex 30 were HCL Technologies Ltd (BO: HCLT), which gained 3.91% to 1205.25, Wipro Ltd (BO: WIPR), which gained 3.66% to 690.75, and Tata Steel Ltd (BO: TISC), which gained 2.98% to 1104.90.

At the close, Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (BO: PGRD) was down 1.50% to 206.65, AXIS Bank Ltd. (BO: AXBK) was down 1.31% to 665.95, and Bajaj Finance Ltd. (BO: BJFN) was down 0.82% to 6579.45.

Rising stocks dwarfed declining ones on the Indian National Stock Exchange by 1296 to 490, and 28 finished unaltered; on the Bombay Stock Exchange, 2205 rose and 1014 declined, while 109 finished unaltered.

The India VIX, which estimates the inferred instability of Nifty 50 choices, was down 7.53% to 17.5375.

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