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Title: NFT games have edge over ‘money in, no money out’ games: Polygon's Urvit Goel

Aug 15, 2022 03:00AM ET

By: AnalysisWatch

Polygon's vice president of global business development for the game industry, believes that games that integrate non-transferable tokens have a natural advantage over traditional games that don't allow users to sell their in-game items.

Goel spoke candidly with Cointelegraph in Seoul last week about Polygon's push to help the proliferation of NFT games and why game publishers in South Korea, such as Neowiz and Nexon, are diving into this space.

One of Goel's main arguments is that the traditional business model that NFT games compete with may be inherently weaker. In traditional games, users typically buy in-game items with real money, but cannot sell those items to recoup any value in US dollars.

In contrast, in most games in the game funding space, users can buy items as non-transferable tokens and sell them after the game is over.

Goel said he sees clear signs that traditional game publishers are preparing for a big push into GameFi, starting with South Korean gaming giant Nexon, which owns the MapleStory title. According to mmorpg, a portal for gamers, in June it announced that it would put a version of its flagship title on the chain as MapleStory N.

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