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Title: US Dollar Index corrects lower and retests 95.00.

11/15/2021 7:54:16 AM GMT

By: AnalysisWatch

The index loses further force and plays with the 95.00 region toward the start of the week, in the midst of the more vulnerable notes in US yields, some benefit-taking dispositions, and the summed up craving for more hazardous resources.

Without a doubt, US yields add to the new decrease in both the front and the tummy of the bend, while the long end inverts three successive meetings with misfortunes.

Investors, meanwhile, keep on processing Friday's baffling prints from the high level of consumer sentiment for the current month, followed by the U-Mich Index and delivered on Friday, all combined with some benefit-taking temperament considering the sharp ricochet in the buck, especially right after 3-decade-high expansion figures during October.

The Index figured out how to hit new cycle highs at levels last seen back in the mid-year of 2020, closing at 95.30. The exceptional move higher in the dollar stays very much supported by the "higher-for-longer" account, which thusly lends wings to US yields and reinforces hypotheses of a sooner-than-assessed continued on financing costs by the Federal Reserve, presumably eventually in H2 2022. Further help for the dollar comes from the strong recuperation in the labor market alongside Biden's foundation bill.

Presently, the index is losing 0.08% at 95.04 and a break above 95.26 (2021 high Nov.12) would pave the way for 95.71 (month to-month low Jun.10 2020) and, afterward, 97.80 (high Jun.30 2020). On the other hand, the following downside obstruction arises at 93.87 (week after week low November 9), favored by 93.62 (55-day SMA), and lastly 93.27 (month to-month low October 28).

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